From 2018

The children are put first and nurtured which is so important in this day and age. They are encouraged to do their best and the staff treat pupils with dignity, compassion and respect.

My child has a thirst for learning again and has matured but most importantly can be himself because he feels valued and has the perfect environment and enthusiastic and dedicated teachers to blossom and learn.

The school brings out the best in our children and they are thriving in this environment.

My child is encouraged to be himself, follow his interests and reach his full potential. Staff invest so much care into each child.

My family and I are very grateful for the opportunity to join this school. We are happy that our children can grow in Christian environment. Our children feel accepted and satisfied.

It is wonderful to see my children so excited in the morning to go to school. Children naturally love to learn and TCST builds on this beautifully and provides a safe, caring, family environment for children to learn, be passionate and grow as individuals.

We continue to be pleased with the care and support staff provide for our children. We feel that at TCST the education fits the child rather than the other way around. Their enthusiasm is encouraged and they are helped by being in small classes where no-one is left behind.

The Christian School Takeley provides a warm, welcoming, caring and nurturing environment where individual pupils’ needs are well met. Active, everyday communication between staff, parents and pupils ensures we are all fully involved in the children’s education.

Our little boy has changed from a shy child into a confident and extremely happy little boy. This we believe, is thanks to the nurturing environment throughout the school.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the teachers, my daughter has not only grown in her learning ability, but also has grown in confidence.

I felt a gap in social needs of my child. When I approached leadership, they found a great way to deal with this issue. That’s what I love about the school, it’s small enough to accommodate individual needs.

From 2017

In less than a term we fell like part of a family. We’ve gone from a child who hated school to one that likes and looks forward to it. Thank you

We are thrilled at the change in our daughter since moving to TCST from a larger secondary. She regained her confidence and passion for learning and made some wonderful friends.

We have seen a huge difference in the progress that our child has made in just one term. She is so much happier at TCS.

My son now enjoys school and has become confident in many ways. Best thing we ever did was move him to this fantastic school.

My children joined the infant and junior classes in September and we were immediately welcomed by staff and parents. My children settled into the community very quickly and I have been amazed at the variety of interesting topics they have covered, taught in such an innovative and hands on way. Their confidence has grown and they are supported by extremely caring teachers. We are delighted that we joined the school – this is just the education and childhood we want for our children.

From 2016

‘My child has settled in so well at the Takeley Christian School and enjoys all the varied learning. We are really starting to feel part of the community of the school too.’
Nursery parent

‘My daughter started pre-school with speech issues but after spending two days a week at Takeley, over a few months, her speech dramatically improved’
Nursery parent

‘The most welcoming and warm environment for the little ones. My son is so happy here.’
Nursery parent
‘This school offers a high standard of education – in a family like environment. Kids love it’
Yr. 7-9 parent

‘We feel that this school has given our daughter a safe a secure platform from where she can excel’
Year 7-9 parent

‘Ethos and empathy mixed with teacher’s passion for teaching and engaging children remains the key for this school.’
Year 7-9 parent

‘My son is growing in trust and faith in education again and that is wonderful. The school community is a warm and prayerful place.’
Junior parent.

‘We, as a family, could not have asked for a warmer welcome from staff, pupils ad other parents! A truly unique school.’
Junior parent

‘The school is small and therefore more tailored to the child’s personality. Kids feel more valued, confident, cared for. They are happier.’
Junior parent

‘TCST is a place where my child learns values of life and science. 4 years ago she did not know a word of English, today claimed that English as her first language. Thank you.’
Junior parent

‘My son has settled in very well despite his initial worries about the size of the school. He enjoys school and he feels encouraged to be himself and explore his potential and be the best he can be.’
Senior parent

From 2015

The staff (both teachers and admin) have all made huge efforts, well beyond the call of duty, to help our son receive an outstanding education despite all his emotional problems.

When I asked my son for his opinion on the school his reply was “Brilliant! The teachers really listen to you and help you.” As a parent this is what you dream of hearing from your child. This from a young man who eight months ago was deeply unhappy and becoming a non-attender at his previous secondary school. 

I am thrilled and blessed that my child has been part of this wonderful school “family” for the past 12 years. Thank you to everyone that has made her journey so positive and happy.

My daughter only comes twice a week and has not been at the school for long, but I would say that she loves coming and her speech and language has excelled since being at the school. 

Having not had a positive experience about schooling myself, sending my daughter to this school has completely changed my view on education. I firmly believe that every child leaves here with a sense of achievement and a healthy self-confidence.

At Takeley, you feel as though they will listen to you, take on board your comments as a parent, and they actually care about each child, rather than just tick boxes.

This school has been a fantastic opportunity to spare us home-schooling, and our children love each day!

Takeley is a small community school, Christian and family let. My child loves going (even wants to come on a Saturday) and has learned and developed greatly in the last few months. Thank you to all the lovely staff!

From 2013  and 2014

Sending our child to the Christian School has been the best decision we ever made. She has a joy now and we know that she receives individual attention and excellent teaching. The family atmosphere runs through the whole school and teaching staff are always available if we need to discuss anything. We would highly recommend the school to anybody.

Our child has flourished at Takeley, becoming more confident academically and keen to learn more. The members of staff are supportive and always ready to help.

Since joining the school, my child has gained in confidence so much that for the first time she is now participating in out of school activities such as dance classes and brownies. Something she would never have done before.

The Christian School is a wonderful caring place where teachers, parents and children work together to create a happy and nurturing environment to learn. Every child can be themselves and find the confidence and self-belief to reach their full potential, supported by the ethos and values of the school.

My child has been attending TCST for 10 years. I continue to thank God for this amazing school that has enriched all our lives and in the best decision we have ever made. Thank you.

The school is a huge part of our family’s life. Having juniors and seniors in the same school, sharing their experiences as a whole family is very precious.

Our nine-year-old can’t wait for school every day. The basics are taught without a lot of technology – time wasters. The “family feel” about the school is great.

My children feel cherished and supported in a safe, friendly atmosphere where they are encouraged and respected.

The school has a lovely homely feel. The staff and children have made our son so welcome – he has gone from disliking school to becoming a happy, stress-free confident little boy. We couldn’t be more pleased!

My son has grown and matured and has a better understanding of life and the world since joining Takeley Christian School. He is happier, more grounded and intuitive little boy who has learned that his voice and opinion are important.

Every child is genuinely cared for. Every individual is given every possible help to do their best.

Wonderful school. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much for all the support and help over the last seven years.

My son needed a safe and secure environment where teachers paid enough attention. He got it in this school. I mostly appreciate the close communication even by text with teachers. Teachers go out of their way to inform parents and to communicate. The weekly report is excellent; it helps parents to deal with challenges in real time if there are any.

Our children were welcomed into the Christian School (Takeley) by students and staff. They found new friends, caring teachers and stimulating subjects. We are grateful that we have found a school that we can entrust our children to each day. (Senior school)

My son has found a new excitement for school and is excited every day and very happy to go to school, which is what every parent wants for their child. (Primary)

All schools try to attract each child as an individual – this one really does. Each student’s abilities or difficulties are recognised and supported in a nurturing atmosphere by teachers who are doing what they love. Staff are thoughtful and kind, and lead by example. (KS4)

The school has provided a safe and friendly environment and encouraged my children to work hard and co-operate with others. (KS4)

My child is very happy at the school. The school leadership is excellent. (KS3)

The ethos and values of the school is so important because I feel it teaches the children guidelines, how to behave; and kindness just seems to be the norm, which is wonderful. My child has never been happier! (Primary)

The school has is a wonderful nurturing and caring environment to learn in. My son has gone from being deeply unhappy to enjoying school and starting to feel good about himself again. Thank you! (KS3)