Wandlebury Iron Age Fort

The Juniors went to Wandlebury Iron age fort on Wednesday as part of their project on the iron age. The day was led by staff at the centre. The children were taught for a short while in the classroom.

They then had the opportunity to make bread, which they then cooked on sticks over an open fire and ate them for their snack. They were shown how iron age people would have had to thresh, winnow and grind corn on a quernstone.

The children had a very educational tour of the site showing the hill, ring ditch and the way people lived.

The children had lunch in the sunshine and then had a go at weaving with willow twigs, they saw a  partial reconstruction of a round house, which they enjoyed playing in. They had fun practising their skills with a sling shot and tennis ball before having their faces painted like warriors with blue ‘woad’.

Junior Class Explorations Jan/Feb 2017

Year 2 and 3 are looking at Rocks this half term. They spent some time identifying and drawing different rock types, and then doing experiments with the different rocks. They went on a walk round Takeley looking for different rock types – both natural stone and man-made ‘rocks’ (see first photo).

The Juniors have been learning about British prehistory. They looked at cave paintings and made caves and drew some cave art to put in them. The second photo is of their caves and the art inside.
Moving on to the Mesolithic age the Juniors learned about Star Carr and the evidence of round-houses from post holes that have been discovered. They then built their own roundhouses using willow branches from the allotment. (See bottom photo)

Development Plan and Governance

A draft of the development plan is now available. It will become our development plan once it is agreed by the Governing Body and Trustees. Please take a close look at it and let me know if you think there are errors or we have missed something. (http://tcst.org.uk/development-planning/)
This will form the foundation for our envisioning day where we will get a mid term view of how well we are doing and further developments we may consider.
Just to say thank you to the parents for contributing to the new sign we discussed in the last Envisioning Day.
I would also like to inform you that Ian and Richard have been voted back by the members of the trust to be trustees for a further year and Marcelle has been voted as a new Trustee joining, Ian Chapman, Richard Simons, Sam Gibbs and Carina Bowman.
As you can see we will need to replace two trustees at the end of this academic year so now is a good time to consider if you want to join the trust as a member so that you can be considered as a trustee. You might want to start your journey by becoming a Governor. We are hoping to appoint two parent Governors through a vote and after normal Safeguarding Checks. Some of you whose children are leaving the school may consider becoming Community Governors.
There will be two meetings in January lead by the SLT and Governors to explain to all parents what the momentous changes in education since September 2015 have been. We are working in a changed environment and without direct parental input and oversight our school is very vulnerable.
The vision of the school is to be a community sharing the education of our children with others through teachers whose shared faith is that Jesus is Lord. It might help you to understand better our vision in reading our Ethos and Values statements and our  Curriculum Foundations document on the web. These are our starting point and inclusive documents. If your understanding falls outside these documents come and speak with me and I will help you to understand where I am coming from and the meaning or Word behind the words and any of you can hold us to account for the claims made. Governors are critical friends.

History Trip


Pupils from year 6-8 travelled to Battle Abbey in East Sussex on the 947th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in order to bring to life their study of the subject. Pupils had a tour of the Abbey and English Heritage staff ran 2 sessions in full costume, including dressing up individual pupils as characters in the story, where students were firstly treated to demonstrations of fighting techniques of the period. This also involved interactive discussions on what it would have been like to live at that time. Secondly we learnt about the life in the Abbey and experienced the speakers’ particular knowledge on monastic life, such as the living conditions they endured. Both parents and staff contributed to the day by driving.
This was a very enjoyable day and we feel pupils gained a lot by our trip.

Trip to Battle 14_10_2013 (7)