Provisional GCSE Results for June 2017

For those of you who like to know, here is a summary of the highlights of our provisional GCSE results. Provisionally 80% of our pupils attained C to A* (Levels 4 to 9).

We had 5 pupils sitting. 100% of the pupils scored level 5 (good pass top end C and bottom end B) and above in Maths and also in either English Language or Literature. In Science 86% of the results were C and above and 57% A and above. Overall 39.6% of all the results were As (level 7) and above.

We are very pleased with everyone’s results. Some overcame struggles but pushed through. One amazed us all and achieved 8 A*s including our first level 9 in Mathematics.

These are the first results to include the new level systems and more demanding syllabuses. We have to thank the teachers for navigating these changes and the parents for supporting their children at this time. Our hope and prayers are the pupils will take everything else they have learned at the school and be a blessing to the schools and colleges they go on to now. Everyone got their places.

Head’s Log January 2016

The start of the new-year is the middle of the year for schools. Our pupils have sat their mock exams and are heading very quickly towards their final exams. These are crucial months for our young people and they need as much support as we can give them.

Being a very small Christian School in not so rural Essex means we live with being unusual. Indeed we have been subject, as other school have, to a raft of changes and new requirements. As we pick through the minutia of new initiatives and find ourselves being the bulwark of government remedies to society’s problems, we also remember that we have the privilege of working with children; being part of their lives, having fun and creating memories. I hope there is still room for us odd balls in this task.

Our open day has been and gone and we would still love to meet new families who would like to join our wonderful community and participate in our enterprise to educate children. We have a new sign but it is surprising how people still don’t know we are here.

We are a school educating children from 3 to 16. Our nursery is small and accepts nursery vouchers. It is part of a wider school where children study the full curriculum up to GCSE. Our foundation is the community which is gathered around the Christian ethos and values of the school leaders. We are not a church school and being a Christian is not an entry requirement. We really do want to serve and bless our community through education and the nurturing of children in an inclusive, intentional Christian environment.

School Log May 2014

As I sit down to write this, we have just had our Open Day. Last weekend we had our envisioning day and last night we had a quiz night. Our school truly involves the whole family! If you missed our open day, don’t worry, just get in touch.

This month we were able to send the proceeds of our Readathon to Stand By Me to help children in Nepal.

We had an international day organised by the pupils to celebrate the nations represented at our school. Pupils brought in representative foods and dressed up in the costumes and colours of their nation. So, I was impressed to register a Viking and be offered a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, be taught how to count in Chinese, eat Hungarian cake and enjoy Haggis. It was also a revelation how many traced family back to France and Germany and one to a Paraguayan indian. Madagascar was represented, Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe as well as one child who claimed to be a descendant of the Finnish aristocracy. Once again we experienced extreme creativity.

I am sure you will join me in affirming all the youngster who are just about to do exams. Life is more important than exams. You are valued for who you are and loved by God. This is the most important thing. I pray that you will know peace and wisdom and be able to do your best.

Work hard and rest hard. Eat well and drink lots of water! Work smart and exercise. Be active in your learning and write stuff down.

You are more valuable than any exam certificate you will receive.


Exam Results Day 2012

You won’t find The Christian School (Takeley) in any league tables; we are too small. And yet this tiny independent school, with pupils from across the region has excelled again. Last week we celebrated A-level results from two pupils who sat them in Year 11 and gained all A grades at AS and A2-level. The school does not have a sixth form, but has a tradition of allowing pupils to sit AS and A-levels if they are ready.

This year, six pupils were entered for GCSEs in Year 11. Two of the pupils have been at the school from the Juniors, while the others joined in Year 7 or just to do their GCSEs. The results were fantastic with everyone achieving their best.

The statistics will not be available through the league tables but everyone celebrated.

54% of the GCSE grades gained by our six pupils were As or A*s and 90% were C or above. 83% of the pupils gained five A* to C grades including Maths, English and Science. Four of the six were awarded the English Baccalaureate.