Children’s Mental Health Week – 2019

The school marked Children’s Mental Health Week to raise awareness of the need to take care of our minds as well as our bodies. Parents, teachers and students of all ages got involved.

The infants were playing games to help talk about different feelings, the juniors were learning about the need for good sleep, diet and exercise for healthy minds.  The lower seniors made artistic explorations of the nature of emotions, and the upper seniors got to incorporate some building-work into their classes!  All year groups got musical to consider the affect of music on mood and some cookery students even made emoji cupcakes!

Everyone had a go at learning to stop and breath, to help focus in their classes, and also enjoyed some fun activities as “brain breaks” between lessons.

It was also great to see so many parents at the Wellbeing Workshop that week which proved very helpful in understanding anxiety and how it impacts on adults and children alike.

Additional resources can be found in the “student support” folder which you will find in the “Document Repository” on our website under the Curriculum tab.

Takeley Festival for the Queen’s Birthday Weekend


Junior Pupil’s Banners

The junior pupils’ banners graced the back of Holy Trinity Church, Takeley as we joined with the rest of Takeley village in presenting a festival of flowers and colour to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday.

The pupils were commended for their originality and everyone seemed delighted with the fun the banners conveyed.

Assembly on responsibility and the school discipline system

It’s important that we keep our vision of what we are as a school before us. It’s Resurrection Sunday this coming weekend and we pause to reflect on injustice, within the context of how the school works when things go wrong.

The scripture used is Luke 6:31-34 from the Message version.

E-Safety for Parents


The internet is a fantastic resource for education, communication and entertainment. Our children have grown up with the internet/electronic devices and can seem much more adept at using it than we are – which sometimes leaves parents feeling out of their depth. Children are, however, much more likely to be harmed via the internet than in the real world; therefore it is important that parents take responsibility to keep their children safe on-line. For this reason we invited our local youth police officer to speak to parents about internet safety.

E- Safety for Parents

One Monday evening we were given lots of food for thought by PC Nessling   – a youth officer with Essex Police for the last 10 years. Her case load is now 70% related to the internet in some way!

We began with an exercise to familiarise us with text language – most of which we parents were bemused by! (E.g. FTS? PIR, KPC, A/S/L?  – answers at the bottom if – like me – you have no idea!) Here is the key information that she gave us:

  • A child’s on-line persona can be very different from how they are in real life; they may use abbreviations in texts that are rude as it is seen as normal. They may behave on a very different way because they are ‘behind a screen’ and not interacting directly with the other person.
  • Children feel invincible on –line; they think they know the risks and have an ‘It’ll never happen to me’ attitude.
  • One of the real dangers is accepting ‘friend requests’ from people they don’t know in real life. This is partly due to the ‘competition’ around how many ‘friends/followers’ they have.
  • The minimum age for a social network account is 13 – however many children have accounts from a much younger age than this.
  • Children often have more than one Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat account – this means that when you ask to see their account they may only be showing you one of many!
  • Paedophiles can easily pretend to be anything by creating a fake profile of a nice, good-looking, young person. They can also research on social media a child’s interests, location, school etc. and pose as a friend – gaining their trust.
  • Photos taken on smart phones etc. have a digital footprint which means the location where they are taken can be identified by anyone on the internet.
  • 40% of 11-18 year olds admit to sending indecent photos – this is an offence and could lead to a criminal record. 1/3 of those were sent ot people they didn’t know!! 9/10 of photos shared privately end up on paedophile websites.
  • Even innocuous pictures can be ‘stolen’ by others and turned into indecent photos by having captions added etc.
  • Children have grown up with the internet – they do not understand the clear difference that we have between their ‘real world’ and their ‘virtual world’ – the boundaries are blurred because they are so dependant in the internet.
  • Remember that anything on the internet is PUBLIC – even if it is only up there for a few seconds it can be saved, screenshotted and sent on to any number of websites/people.
  • Remember even games for young people e.g. Club Penguin, Candy Crush Saga etc. can be used by people pretending to be children; therefore
  • Children are far more likely to come to harm on line than in ‘real’ life; sometimes from their peers who may use the internet for bullying or for using indecent images to blackmail others– the emotional and psychological effects are huge.


  • Keep social media setting as private as possible.
  • Monitor what your child is doing.
  • Set a good example to your children of what you post online – words and pictures.
  • Switch off Location Services on smart phones.
  • Children should never move from within a game situation to communicate with other players via messages/e-mail.
  • Don’t have a profile picture/share information on line that is likely to attract the wrong kind of attention.
  • Above all…communication with your children is absolutely vital – get talking about what your child is doing on line; be involved.
  • Websites for further information:



(Answers: FTS? Free to Speak? PIR – parent in room, KPC – Keeping parents clueless,  A/S/L – Age/Sex/Location)

Development Plan and Governance

A draft of the development plan is now available. It will become our development plan once it is agreed by the Governing Body and Trustees. Please take a close look at it and let me know if you think there are errors or we have missed something. (
This will form the foundation for our envisioning day where we will get a mid term view of how well we are doing and further developments we may consider.
Just to say thank you to the parents for contributing to the new sign we discussed in the last Envisioning Day.
I would also like to inform you that Ian and Richard have been voted back by the members of the trust to be trustees for a further year and Marcelle has been voted as a new Trustee joining, Ian Chapman, Richard Simons, Sam Gibbs and Carina Bowman.
As you can see we will need to replace two trustees at the end of this academic year so now is a good time to consider if you want to join the trust as a member so that you can be considered as a trustee. You might want to start your journey by becoming a Governor. We are hoping to appoint two parent Governors through a vote and after normal Safeguarding Checks. Some of you whose children are leaving the school may consider becoming Community Governors.
There will be two meetings in January lead by the SLT and Governors to explain to all parents what the momentous changes in education since September 2015 have been. We are working in a changed environment and without direct parental input and oversight our school is very vulnerable.
The vision of the school is to be a community sharing the education of our children with others through teachers whose shared faith is that Jesus is Lord. It might help you to understand better our vision in reading our Ethos and Values statements and our  Curriculum Foundations document on the web. These are our starting point and inclusive documents. If your understanding falls outside these documents come and speak with me and I will help you to understand where I am coming from and the meaning or Word behind the words and any of you can hold us to account for the claims made. Governors are critical friends.

Family Week 2015

At the end of the summer term each year at TCST we have Family Week. This is a whole week of trips and activities where the whole family can join in. Parents and siblings often join the teachers and pupils. At the end of the 2014/15 year the students enjoyed lots of activities such as high ropes at Great Notley Country Park, fruit picking at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm, trying out tennis, the youngest pupils visited a splash park and the whole school enjoyed a day at Hatfield Forest where we held a den building competition and many pupils made the journey from the school in a convoy of bikes. Here are some of the dens…

20150709_121922 20150709_122439

Whistle While You Work!

Here at TCST when work needs to be done the whole school family mucks in and helps! Lots of work was done over the summer holidays when friends, relatives and fellow church members of the school community came to help out. One even travelled as far as from South Africa to join in the working party. A lot of work has been done on the allotment – it was amazing to see the results at the start of the new term.

photo 1

Every term we have a regular cleaning and maintenance day but even less than half way through this autumn term a Saturday was spent fixing and painting, and the school is looking great as a result. Thanks to everyone who helped!

2015-10-03 11.20.52 2015-10-03 11.21.20

Where there’s work food will never be too far away – a shared lunch is always enjoyed and the whole day is a great time of fellowship when everyone can feel pleased with the work that has been achieved and enjoy the feeling of being part of a team.

2015-08-29 13.06.53

Head Boy’s Speech

I am Nathan, I am in year 11 and have been at the school for about 10 years. When I was asked to do this speech, I started look back at my time here at school. It is full of wonderful memories, friendship and learning. It has been a journey which has had a hiccup here and there, yet I have loved it all. It has developed me it to the young man who stands in front of you today. The same young man that five years ago probably would not be caught dead up here. The school is like a second home that has been a wonderful, loving environment to grow up in. I have reflected on two areas at my time at the school and how it has influenced me:

Firstly Who I am

  • Freedom with structure

At school there are many opportunities to do things, but there is a limit especially in sport. So the school supports you in all that you do inside and out. For example, Kai, a year 10, runs at national level. So school makes sure she can go to events but also that the work is still done. I am into photography, so school lets me take photos at school events.

  • Responsibility

Not just with the work, but every day school life. Jobs, school council, events, looking out for each other. Everyone throughout the school is given responsibility, both for themselves and for others. Whether helping at events, clean up team or looking after each other.

  • Work ethic

It is something we all have, but at school it is something you develop. You come out of school with the ability to get work done, homework in on time and to self-study, which is something rare. While looking at 6th Forms, when asked about which school I go to I say the Christian School Takeley. They know that each students from here has the ability needed to work hard and succeed in higher education.

  • Support

I am dyslexic and it is been something school and I have worked on. I have become more confident in my writing and have had opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have had, if at another school. As a dyslexic, I wouldn’t have normally had a chance to study Spanish but at school I have and I am hoping to get a B grade. Due to the support and the extra mile teachers go to at this school there isn’t just one lesson plan; there are more like 7 lesson plans, 1 for each child, because the teachers set goals and work with the students, work is tailored to them.

Secondly, Family

  • We all have one, outside of school.
  • At TCST we have two; you know everyone’s name, even the teacher’s first names. You know what everyone is up to, how they are. If there is a problem then you try to help them.
  • Caring

Everyone looks out for each other, cares and welcomes in new people. I remember talking to someone that had been at the school a couple of weeks and they said it felt like they had been here forever. Also, if some is upset you check they are ok and help them if they want help.

  • Even when we don’t get on we still look out for each other:

Like every family you have rough patches with someone, but you still get on. If there is an issue it isn’t swept under the carpet but instead sorted out. You may not like someone but you still get on and work with them.

  • Forever

I have made friendships that will last for ever. As the school is so close and tight knit, it feels like you have two families and have friendship that last forever.

I know that your children will enjoy their time here as much as I have, in a place that is like a second home and second family. I will say just one last thing from Steve jobs “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” I have found it here, will you?

Community Engagement in Dunmow

Pupils from The Christain School  and parent working with artist Kiran ChahalIt’s really lovely when parents attend events and feel they represent the school.

This is a testimony to who we all are together.

Here’s a copy of a letter I received recently and it looks as if one of our number has won a prize



Dear Emlyn

It was wonderful to see meet a number of your students and their parents at the Drawing In Dunmow screen printing workshop at Dunmow Library on Saturday. Please see the attached photo.
I am also delighted to let you know that one of your students has won a prize in this year’s Children’s Art Competition. Their picture will go on display on Saturday at The Aubrey Art Gallery. The winners are being announced on the Saturday. Please can you circulated the attached events sheet. We are keen that as many families as possible can come along on Saturday to see the children’s artworks and to take part in the free family activities.

Drawing In Dunmow Big Draw Day Events

Kind regards

Catherine Mummery
Drawing In Dunmow Organiser
High Stile Projects

Family Week 2014


While the seniors were away on their camp, the juniors cast off their school uniforms and the mums and dads were let in!

The week was punctuated with a camp in Tom’s garden, with a walk round Hatfield Heath and a tasty BBQ. Then a “peaceful night” in the fresh air.

And how did the week end? A presentation of our version of Alice in Wonderland and a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party