Friday Afternoons


Each Friday afternoon the Juniors usually find themselves outdoors enjoying the gardens and looking at nature.

20160909_143941It’s a real pleasure to grow and harvest our own food.








We also look after some chickens. One of the jobs we have to do each year is to clip the chickens’ wings.

We only do one wing so that they are not able to fly away.20161118_140600





One of the things we also do is each week we record the weather. So, since last Friday we have had a maximum temperature of 15 degrees and a minimum of 3. It was 6 degrees to day with a light South Westerly wind.


Chicken Club


Ginger-3We became the proud owners of three chickens at the beginning of the year. Their names are Poppy, Speckle and Ginger (pictured above). They lay very reliably, and are much loved by many of the children at school who feed them, collect eggs and help clean out the cage at Chicken Club.

School Log: December 2011

You're never too old to enjoy bubbles!

The end of term was busy with a wealth of festive and creative activities. These included a fantastic carol concert shared with the local community. One of the highlights was the Junior play which was a testimony to the talents and focus of the KS2 pupils. “Out of the Blue” combined the Creation story and the story of Jonah to underline the salvation story that is Jesus. We were thrilled by mime, verse and singing of a very high standard.

The last day of the school saw the school end of term concert run by the pupils. This must have been the best ever, as we were treated to piano music, a variety of songs including rapping and flute playing, ably hosted by Holly and Swazini. And who will forget the humour and strong message of the senior nativity play.

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