School Log May 2014

As I sit down to write this, we have just had our Open Day. Last weekend we had our envisioning day and last night we had a quiz night. Our school truly involves the whole family! If you missed our open day, don’t worry, just get in touch.

This month we were able to send the proceeds of our Readathon to Stand By Me to help children in Nepal.

We had an international day organised by the pupils to celebrate the nations represented at our school. Pupils brought in representative foods and dressed up in the costumes and colours of their nation. So, I was impressed to register a Viking and be offered a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, be taught how to count in Chinese, eat Hungarian cake and enjoy Haggis. It was also a revelation how many traced family back to France and Germany and one to a Paraguayan indian. Madagascar was represented, Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe as well as one child who claimed to be a descendant of the Finnish aristocracy. Once again we experienced extreme creativity.

I am sure you will join me in affirming all the youngster who are just about to do exams. Life is more important than exams. You are valued for who you are and loved by God. This is the most important thing. I pray that you will know peace and wisdom and be able to do your best.

Work hard and rest hard. Eat well and drink lots of water! Work smart and exercise. Be active in your learning and write stuff down.

You are more valuable than any exam certificate you will receive.


Joyful Giving

DSC_0016We have come to the time of year when the school has to plan for the future. We need to make provision for the teaching next year. This includes making sure that the premises are comfortable, safe and secure and we have teaching staff. Utilities, staff costs and materials are fixed costs and are managed appropriately. These costs are covered by fees. Other costs are not.

The model we work to is explained to every parent when they join the school. As head teacher this is usually the last time I speak directly to parents about finance. I think we all need reminding of this spoken agreement at this time so that the school can continue to prosper.

The school prospers through the free will giving of the school community. We work to meet the needs of the wider community and the education we provide is a unique and essential part of the schooling in our area. If you think about your own experience of the school and the families whose needs are served by the school, you will see that God has provided us to serve in this area in a special way. As families of the school we aren’t just clients we are providers of a service.

Each of us supports the ethos of the school by the school offering significant fee discounts to families and we have always done so. The ethos is also supported through volunteering and a wage structure that enables teachers to send their children to the school. We have always benefitted from teaching staff whose only stake in the school is that they work here and believe in what we are doing. The calibre and dedication of our staff is a blessing. We need more than the fee and volunteering however and we should not depend on paying our staff less.

Parents have always had to step up to their responsibility and give in proportion to their income beyond the basic fee. Maintaining the school is the responsibility of the parents and a vital part of the giving, not depending on events or one off initiatives. The giving we hope for is free, regular and joyful.

Past beneficiaries of the school who remember the faithfulness of others, could you underwrite the continuing work of the school? Small regular giving can make a significant difference to our finances. This is true because the community of the school, past and present is now big enough to make your collective effort effective. One off gifts and bequests are fantastic. Your generosity is significant to our income.

Please share this letter as widely as you are able. We love it when people attend our events and make contact with the school and realise that people who have not necessarily benefited from the school want to support us.

We appreciate people organising and attending special events. But, we need the security of your continuing financial support for the general work of the school.

Contact the office for a standing order form and gift aid declaration or explore the online ways of making donations.


Bags2School Collection

Thank you to everybody in the community that supported our recent Bags2School collection.  We are planning another one on Tuesday 28th January 2014 so if you are having a sort out please feel free to phone the school on 01279 871182 and we will be happy to come and collect during the afternoon of Monday 27th January 2014.
Bag2School collects good quality second hand adults’ and children’s clothing, sheets, blankets, curtains, soft toys, shoes, belts and handbags. All items collected are for RE-USE.Bag2School-logo
Community has an important role in our school and we try hard to extend that feeling beyond the school gate.  We are looking forward to running the kitchen at the Takeley Farmers’ Market on Saturday 7th December.  Our newly formed school choir hope to add to the festive atmosphere by singing some traditional carols during the morning.
Our choir also have a number of other local performances in the pipeline; sadly at the time of writing we do not have final details to share with you.
This calendar year has seen our school continue to evolve and grow with new chickens, families, staff and students joining us. We will continue to do so into 2014 by developing our Early Years department.

On behalf of everybody at The Christian School, we hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. God bless.

Harvest Collection for Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank

20131011_092223_resizedWe are thrilled with the generosity and support our Harvest Collection for the Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank has received.  Thank you to everybody who brought something in 154 items were collected on Friday 11th October with more items promised for the following week.  The picture shows some of our junior students with some of the times collected.

Harvest for the Hungry

Having presented an assembly about the work of Harvest for the Hungry, the Juniors were pleased to see the boxes the school collected, picked up and start their journey to people in eastern Europe.