Esteemed Bulgarian Artist visits

Sample of Professor Kassapian workOn Thursday 18th June we were inspired by an artist, Professor Krikor Kassapian of Bulgaria.

Professor Kassapian specialises in dry point; he showed us some of his work and the process involved in creating it. The same process was used by Rembrandt in the 15th century.

Some of Professor Kassapian’s work is owned by the Victoria and Albert museum.

Thank you to Mr Simeonov for accompanying Professor Kassapian and for arranging the visit.

Year 10 Art Students.

Y10 Collaborative Art Piece

The brief for this piece of work was simply to have the experience of working with others to produce a piece of art.  The only boundaries given were the size of the work and the medium was primarily paint and that pupils would work for about ten minutes before moving on to a different section.  Overall pupils found the experience liberating and negative thoughts about the work being too ‘messy’ became positive once they were very involved with the process.  They also experienced having other pupils add to their designs, and we discussed how this felt and also how it felt for their work to be ‘owned’ by all of them.  Here is what pupils said of their experience:

Khai: I don’t normally do messy art.  I wasn’t expecting to like it.  I ended up enjoying it!

Nadia: I enjoyed the experience.  It wasn’t what I expected it to be.

Bethan: I thought it would be really fun and it was!  You could be messy and do whatever you liked.

Thomas: I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it but working as a team and seeing the final result changed that.

Kate: I didn’t enjoy it at first.  But then I got into it and enjoyed it.

Art Competition Entry


This piece of work was created by Year 5 student Lark for a competition at the Aubrey Art Gallery in Dunmow.  Entitled ‘What do you think your world will look like in 500 years from now?‘, it came 12th in the competition out of many schools.

Landscape Drawing Workshop at Buckingham Palace


On Monday 9th September 2013 in a somewhat damp conditions a group of GCSE Art students together with some Year 9 students headed to Buckingham Palace for a Landscape Drawing Workshop.

They experienced some of the paintings in The State Rooms with an expert from The Palace before heading out into the grounds for some sketching.

The Aubrey Art Gallery Competition

We have had two finalists in the local art competition!!!  The Aubrey Art Gallery ran a competition to raise awareness for the Pink Flamingos as they will become extinct.

SAM_0901 SAM_0900

The brief for entries was a picture with a little bit of pink in and the subject could be anything.

Thank you to all the Juniors for taking part a wonderful effort from each of you.

Our two finalists were : Rachel Fyfe and Isara Howarth
Congratulations and very well done.