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The school is managed by a board of trustees whose executor in the school is the Governing Body and the Headteacher.
The main tasks of the trustees are to act as proprietors of the school and oversee the carrying out of the purposes of the trust.
As Proprietors, trustees undertake to secure finance for the school property, teaching resources and staffing the school.
In their oversight of the trust purposes they instigate and approve policy and ensure that the trust operates within a legal framework defined by the Charity Commission and the DFE. The chair of trustees is approved by the DFE to work with children and has to complete an annual report for the Charity Commission. The Chair of trustees is also responsible for ensuring that all staff are approved to work with children.
The trustees resolve complaints arising from parents and employment of staff. They have overall responsibility of health and safety and the proper insuring of the school. Trustees finalise any decisions on pupil admissions and staff employment.

Governing Body

In light of the inspection in 2015 which highlighted the need for substantial change in the governance of the school, alongside the very real need for a flatter leadership the trustees decided the following;

  1. That a governing body be set up as an additional layer of management between The Trustees and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) enabling regular and clear communication between the two bodies.
  2. The governing body should consist of a mix of members of the following;
    1. trustees
    2. members of the SLT (one being the head teacher)
    3. member of teaching staff
    4. Parent Governors (by election)
    5. community governors e.g. local minister/business/doctor.

Governing Body Constitution: Governing Body_October_2015

Governing Body Code of Conduct: Governor Code Of Conduct_2016


The Headteacher has the delegated responsibility for the day to day running of the school.
Day to day management of the school includes the deployment of staff, staff appraisal and development, overseeing the discipline within the school and responding to written complaints.
Staff development involves the Headteacher in carrying out staff assessment through induction and mentoring, ensuring that curriculum developments are carried through and leading staff meetings.
It is the role of the Headteacher to reflect on the performance of the school, gather data to evaluate the school’s performance and lead the school when change is necessary.
The Headteacher will report to the trustees through a development plan, annual budget, marketing plan and annual report. The Headteacher is responsible for drafting school policy in line with current legislation for approval.
Admissions are managed by the Headteacher.

Senior Leadership Team

Much of the management of this is delegated to deputy head teachers who take responsibility for

  • Pastoral matters
  • Curriculum matters
  • Administrative matters


School Governance Schematic January 2018