Companies House

The Trust is the Proprietor of the school, the legal Governing Body. The Lead Trustee is the Chair of Governors.

The Trust is responsible for all policies and procedures and delegates roles to elected parent governors (without legal responsibility), the Head and Senior Leadership Team (SLT).
The main tasks of the Trust is as proprietor of the school and to oversee the carrying out of the purposes of the Trust, its aims and decide the school’s direction. They ratify policies developed by the SLT in consultation with the school body where necessary.
In their oversight of the Trust purposes they instigate and approve policy and ensure that the Trust operates within a legal framework defined by the Charity Commission and the DfE. The Chair of Governors is approved by the DfE to work with children and has to complete an annual report for the Charity Commission. The Chair of Governors is also responsible for ensuring that all staff are approved to work with children.

As proprietors, Trustees undertake to secure finance for the school property, teaching resources and staffing the school. Trustees use the information provided by the Community ouncillors and SLT to evaluate the school against the Independent Schools Standards. Specifically, Trustees oversee the appraisal of teachers and audit the Health and Safety and Behaviour Policies. Trustees are informed monthly about safeguarding issues and data protection. One Trustee is responsible for overseeing safeguarding, the central record of employees, the admission register of pupils and data management.

All correspondence and decisions relating to fees and wages are dealt with by the Trustees.
The Trustees resolve written complaints arising from parents and employment of staff. These are directed to them through the Head Teacher.

They have overall responsibility of health and safety and the proper insuring of the school. They also make all decisions to do with the fabric and development of the school buildings.

Trustees finalise any decisions on staff employment.

The Trust is accountable through its members who are able to vote in special meetings and annual general meetings. Members may recommend new trustees who are appointed by the current Trustees.

Elected Community Councillors

Elected Community Councillors represent the wider community voice and are members of the trust but have no legal responsibility beyond that of being members of the Trust.

They help in the development of policies and procedures to be presented to the Trust and participate in the appraisal of the implementation of policies.

They help in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the school, its curriculum, its use of funds and maintenance of the site and buildings. The Community Councillors may help in the selection of staff.

The community council meeting, which includes the Head teacher and chair of Governors, meets once a term.



The Head has the delegated responsibility for the day to day running of the school through his leadership and that of the SLT.
Day to day management of the school includes the deployment of staff, staff appraisal and development, overseeing the discipline within the school and responding to written complaints.
Staff development involves the Head in carrying out staff assessment through induction and mentoring, ensuring that curriculum developments are carried through and leading staff meetings.
It is the role of the Head to reflect on the performance of the school, gather data to evaluate the school’s performance and lead the school when change is necessary.
The Head will report to the Trustees through a development plan, annual budget, marketing plan and annual report. He will report on the curriculum, staffing, safeguarding and data management regulations.

The Head is responsible for drafting school policy in conjunction with the SLT. After consultation with the school body, if necessary, and checking that policies are in line with current legislation, policies are ratified by the Trustees.
Admissions are managed by the Head in conjunction with the SLT. The head is the data manager in the school and deputy safe guarding lead.

Senior Leadership Team

Much of the management of the school is delegated to the SLT who take responsibility for

  • Pastoral and Safeguarding matters
  • Oversight of School Council
  •  Curriculum matters
  • Administrative matters
  • Examination matters and
  • Events at the school

Governance Meetings

Staff meetings

These are held weekly at break times. The day is varied so as to include all staff at least once every three weeks. All meetings have minutes completed by the deputy head who ensures all relevant information is shared with staff who are not there though email and by sharing online. Pupil progress, Safeguarding and behaviour are agenda items as well as staff training.

Senior Leadership Team meetings

These are held weekly after school. Day to day policy is discussed and implemented. Minutes are kept and shared online through OneNote. OneNote is also used to review documentation including School Improvement Plans.

School improvement is an agenda item as well as Safeguarding. Improvement plans are updated monthly prior to Trustee meetings and Governance meetings.

Trust meetings

Attended by the trustees and the headteacher

Monthly meetings that focuses on

  • financial management of the school,
  • Headteacher’s report on
    • Staffing and pupil numbers
    • pupil’s personal development, behaviour and welfare
    • safeguarding and
    • data management
  • feedback from school walks

Community Council meetings

Attended by community governors, the head and deputy head and a representative of the trustees.

Termly meetings that focus on

  • events
  • parent feedback
  • policy evaluation
  • pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • maintenance and safety
  • feedback from school walks

Governance meetings

Attended by the Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team

Termly meetings to look at the evidence of improvement in the school and areas for development and improvement in the effectiveness of the school.

Reports are presented by the SLT on the Independent Schools Standards.