Promoting Good Behaviour and Work Practices: Expectations

Promoting Good Behaviour and Work Practices: Expectations

The school community can expect the ethos and values of the school to be upheld and pupils and parents can expect the school to fulfil its stated obligations towards the education of the pupils.

Parents are expected to send children to school:

  • Dressed appropriately and tidily
  • With the correct equipment and Physical Education kit
  • Having completed set Homework tasks

Pupils are expected and helped to take an increasing responsibility for the above though ultimate responsibility rests with the parents.

We expect parents to support us by fostering a good attitude towards the discipline of the school and its expectations and sanctions. Any problems can be addressed through the Senior Leadership team as a first step and then through the Trustees and Head Teacher in half-termly Trustees’ meetings.

Pupils can expect

  • The school environment to be orderly and safe
  • Lessons to be well prepared and suitable to their needs
  • To be able to work in lessons unhindered and undisturbed
  • To have their work assessed and commented on regularly and effectively
  • To have their progress reviewed and strategies to improve explored

Teachers can expect

  • The support and encouragement of the school community
  • Lessons to be orderly and disciplined
  • Lessons to be completed satisfactorily
  • Notes and tasks to be kept in an orderly and appropriate way
  • Homework tasks to be
    • Neat
    • Complete
    • On time
    • Checked by pupils and parents

The school community is expected to

  • Move around the school safely and quietly
  • To take responsibility for the neatness and tidiness of the school
  • To ensure the welfare and safety of everyone

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