Admissions Policy and Procedure

Admissions policy and procedure

  • Parents obtain a prospectus via the school office or school website.
  • Parents contact the school and arrange to visit. They are shown round by a member of staff.
  • At this stage we ask you to complete our application form and submit this together with an administration fee of £75 and a copy of your child’s most recent school report. We may also request that your child takes a CAT test (at an additional fee of £10).
  • If the school is able to meet your child’s needs then the application will proceed.
  • The administrator then arranges for the child to come into school and join classes for a morning to see if he/she feels comfortable and fits in.
  • References are requested and information from the child’s present/previous school is obtained.
  • KS3 & KS4 pupils will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire about their aspirations.
  • If the Head teacher feels there is no educational reason why a child should not attend the school; there is room; the school could meet the child’s needs, then he will arrange an interview involving himself, the parents and at least one other member of the senior leadership team. Trustees also attend interviews where this is helpful. Interviews are held at the school. The purpose of this interview is to explain the ethos of the school and gauge whether the parents would be able to subscribe to the school ethos, support the school in educating their child, and participate fully in the life of the school.
  • Those present at this interview report back to the Trustees and a final decision is taken.

Both parties may freely withdraw from this procedure at any stage. We do not like to see people disappointed, but it must be understood that the Trustees’ decision is final and no explanations will be given.

A place at the school will only be offered if the school is able to meet the educational needs of the child.  This provision is reviewed annually for each child and at each transition between Key Stages.  Transition between Key stages is not automatic.

The terms of the agreement between the school and parents will be confirmed by letter, a reply to which, including a payment of a deposit of £500 will be made.  The deposit will be refundable when the child leaves the school.

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