School Trips

School Trips

School trips are encouraged. All trips are planned with educational value in mind and fully risk assessed.


For the purposes of planning and organisation school visits are split into three types, each of which has their own procedures:

a)     Regular swimming and sports activities and curriculum based outings within Takeley taking place within the school day (Local visit)

b)     Day trips to venues outside Takeley (Day Outing)

c)      Residential trips in the UK or abroad (Residential Trip)

General Requirements for all trips

  1. The purpose of any school trip is that it should enhance the school curriculum.
  2. All trips require permission from the trustees but each have their own procedures in terms of preparation and paperwork.
  3. All school outings are assessed in terms of risk to ensure safety of all participants.
  4. All adults with responsibility for the pupils during the trip, have an enhanced DBS check
  5. The group leader is made aware of any medical need or special needs of pupils in their charge
  6. There is a suitably qualified and trusted group leader who takes overall charge of the trip
  7. Where the trip involves EYFS pupils, there is a suitably qualified first-aider amongst the adults accompanying the trip
  8. All regular parent helpers are DBS checked
  9. Any adult helpers whose DBS check is not yet completed will only accompany a trip where they have been are risk-assessed and approved by the SLT
  10. A preliminary visit is conducted whenever appropriate
  11. All school outings are covered by insurance in terms of     personal injury, public liability, medical care, extra expenses, personal effects, hired materials, special activities, cancellations as appropriate to the visit.
  12. Transport arrangements must be appropriate and insured.
  13.  Where pupils are travelling with a single adult, this adult must hold a DBS certificate or be risk-assessed by the SLT.
  14. Pupils should be instructed about behaviour and a good standard of discipline is to be maintained
  15. Parental permission is obtained for all trips
  16. The school has the information needed to contact both the group leader by phone and any venue being visite
  17. Staff: pupil ratios satisfy
  • Trips abroad 1:10 but include a male and female adult for mixed parties
  • UK residential trips 1:15 but include a male and female adult for mixed parties
  • Local visits 1:25
  • Day outings 1:20
  • EYFS: minimum of 2 adults and ratio better than 1:13

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