Intimate Care Policy and Reasonable Force and Restraint Policy

The Christian School (Takeley) is committed to ensuring that all staff responsible for the intimate care of children will undertake their duties in a professional manner at all times.  We recognise that there is a need to treat all children with respect and dignity when intimate care is given.   No child should be attended to in a way that causes distress, embarrassment or pain.

Children’s dignity will be preserved and a high level of privacy, choice and control will be provided to them.  Staff that provide intimate care to children have a high awareness of safeguarding issues.  Staff will work in partnership with parents/carers to provide continuity of care.

All school staff members have a legal power to use reasonable force to prevent pupils committing a criminal offence, injuring themselves or others or damaging property, and to maintain good order and discipline.


Intimate Care Policy

Reasonable Force and Restraint Policy