Safeguarding Information

Important Contact Details

You can report a concern to the school or contact one of the following

Children and Families Operations Hub

(Essex County Council)

0345 603 7627

Essex House, 200 the Crescent, Colchester Business park, Colchester, CO4 9YQ

Where a child requires immedaite protection:




0345 603 7627 and ask for Children and Families Priority line and/or

Use the Emergency Duty Service (where a situation is urgent and cannot wait until the next working day):

0345 606 1212

If there is an immediate threat to life or safety, Essex Police should be contacted on 999.
Hertfordshire Children, Schools & Families (including out of hours) 0300 123 4043
NSPCC FGM helpline 0800 028 3550
Anti – terrorism Hotline 0800 789 321
Prevent Helpline 020 7340 7264