Sanctions and Disciplines

Primary School:

Bad behaviour or poor work will be corrected firmly but quietly at the time and the correction should include

  • An underlining of the principle offended against
  • An expectation of an apology
  • A sanction if this is appropriate
  • An intention to do better

Minor behavioural problems where a child has not responded to direction or correction or where a child needs to understand the unacceptability of their actions, are dealt with by putting the child in a separate but safe place for a short time.

More major problems or incidents are recorded and parents contacted.

For children with particular needs we may create a behaviour modification plan which remains sensitive to the child’s needs, which reduces the effect of behavioural issues on the larger groups and which ensures consistency of approach by the different teachers who work with the child. Alternatively we might set up a daily home/school report book for noting any incidents or opportunities for praise.

Senior School:

We expect a high standard of behaviour, trustworthiness and effort in school from all our pupils.

In the senior school we aim to create plenty of opportunities for praise as well as having in place clearly stated expectations and sanctions.

We have separated out “school rules” from “classroom and playground codes”.

The codes set out what most people would expect in a school – attentive behaviour, good standards of work, punctuality, bringing equipment to lessons.

The rules lay down some particular requirements we have chosen to implement in our school.

We use an online reporting system that keeps a track of poor behaviour and commendations. All teachers have access to this and the Senior Leadership Team are informed by email if there are incidents of poor behaviour. Each week every pupil is awarded an effort level for each subject. These are regularly reported to parents.

Where a child flagrantly breaks a school ruleor where poor behaviour becomes something more than a small misdeed or poor effort and moves into refusal to accept correction, disrespect, defiance or disobedience then they will be required to attend an interview at the end of the school day with the headteacher. This will be noted on the School Pod system and will also be kept as a written record. The interview will aim to communicate the following expectations

  • An acknowledging of the principle offended against
  • The need for an apology
  • A sanction if this is appropriate
  • An intention to do better

Where a pupil does not give in homework as required they will stay in for a lunchtime detention that day. More significant problems with homework may result in an after school detention for the following day. Where problems with completing work at home persist we will talk to tutors and then, if necessary, to parents in order to put strategies into place to help.

Where poor behaviour takes place out of class or where thoughtless or aggressive behaviour causes problems between students then there will also be interviews. These will be initially done with each individual pupil.

If we feel that the discipline system is not addressing the problems for a particular pupil then parents will be asked to come into school to discuss how best the school in partnership with the parents can deal with the situation.

If all else fails parents will be called to a meeting with trustees and senior staff to discuss the future of their child at the school.


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