Playground Code



Take care of each other by:

  • watching out for people smaller than you
  • be happy to ask people to join in with your games
  • be considerate of other people who are using the playground.
  • If an adult needs to cross the playground during breaks, stop playing ball games until they are safe.

Take care of our equipment and the school premises

Make sure you know and stick to our rules about playground, graveyard and Chapel use at breaktimes*.

playground code 2017

Rubbish Rules:

  • Put green waste in the food bin
  • CLEAN paper and card goes in the green lid bin
  • General waste goes in the BLUE BAG in the black lid bin

*At Lunch times only Junior pupils should be in the playground till 1pm. Senior Lunch is to be finished by 1:15pm. On swimming days Lunch should be finished by 12.30pm by those going swimming.

*Staff meetings are on alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays when no ball games are to be played and Y9 to Y11’s outdoor break is in the Chapel Gardens.

*On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ball games are restricted so that the ball does not hit the side of the Portacabin from 1pm.

*Y9 –Y11:     You may eat in the Chapel or outside

You may play or sit in the playground or sit and chat in the graveyard                      area or the Chapel

*Any group of pupils that would like to make use of the playground on a Friday may claim precedence over football players.


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