Reception trip to Lee Valley Park Farm

On Monday 14th May Reception went on a trip to Lee Valley Park Farm. The weather was very kind to us and we had a lovely day out. We started with visiting the guinea pigs and giant rabbits which everyone thought were very cute. We were treated to a very informative and entertaining birds of prey demonstration – we were very impressed by how fast some of the birds were and by how they could catch food with their claws right in the air. We also saw meercats, reindeer and goats. We were able to get up close to a ‘fancy rat’ and a bearded dragon but we all decided to keep our distance from the Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches! We were even able to feed some lambs with a bottle and we discovered that they are very soft but also very strong. We managed to squeeze in some extra fun activities in amongst all our learning as we jumped on a huge bouncy ‘pillow’ and took a toboggan ride down a big hill – even the teachers joined in! We finished off our day out by enjoying an ice lolly before heading back to school. What a great day!


Geography Trip – Year 10 and 11

Year 10 and 11 geography students went to East London to see the effects of regeneration in Stratford, and to compare that with an area that has not been regenerated yet. We visited Canning Town and Stratford, including Stratford High Street, the Olympic park and Westfield.
We carried out surveys of the areas, looked at land use and found out local people’s opinions using a questionnaire.
This involved a lot of walking, travelling on the DLR and collecting data – our final stop was to have a well earned stop in Westfield for a drink of ‘bubbletea’ before catching the train home. A successful and fun day out!



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School Log: November 2015

This term has been a blur at the Christian School (Takeley) including yet another inspection!

We have just completed our first year of providing State Funded Nursery places and now Ofsted, through the new inspection framework, have confirmed a material change so we can now say “Boys and Girls from 3 to 16”. We don’t take 2 year olds but have government funded places for 3 and 4 year olds.

What have we been up to? Well, one of the great inspirations has been visiting the new Aerozone at the airport. The children found this fascinating and hugely engaging. Our seniors paid their annual art visit to Gainsborough House in Sudbury, another “local” attraction added to our regular visits to The Henry Moore Foundation.

There was great excitement too when some of the older pupils were able to see a matinee performance of the Lion King. Y10 and Y11 Spanish GCSE students have also returned from a trip to Spain.

Picking autumn fruits at Cammas Hall was a local trip we all got to enjoy. Coming up we will enjoy a trip to the Coca Cola Centre and a winter trip to Colchester Zoo.

Our hearts are to give as rich an experience of education as possible. Hopefully what comes across is how being a small school gives us opportunities to visit places in family sized groups where each child gains 100% from the experience.

For those of you who follow the fortunes of our local Athlete Khai, over the summer she came second at 800m for England Schools and won a place in the England Team to race against, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. She came second in this too! At the moment she is coming back from injury and has her all-important GCSEs, so this year will be a quieter year. Khai will be running for the School at NWESA with some other aspiring runners including Lila who each year excels for our area and newcomer Harry who also runs for Harlow Athletics Club.

School Log September 2014

Pegasus Bridge

Year 10 and Year 11 History and French class at Pegasus Bridge, Normandy last year.

For those of you with school aged children, we hope you all had a happy, healthy and rested summer holiday break. This summer, we kept ourselves busy preparing for the opening of our new nursery and early years department and feel we have something very special to offer. On the 2nd September we had pleasure and pride in welcoming our first pupils! They settled in quickly and are happily helping us explore this area of education again.
We also had pleasure in welcoming new staff and students throughout the school. Did you know we provide education from 3 to 16years?
We had a wonderful set of GCSE results from last year’s Y11 class. Some children out performed against their CAT (Cognitive Ability Test) predictions by as much as 3 GCSE grades. With such tiny numbers, statistics can’t give a very good picture as they are so affected by any one person’s results (and nor do they give the stories of the individuals behind the figures, who worked so hard to do so well)
All pupils were able to go to the school of their choice: four studying A levels at St Marys school, one studying A levels at the B.S. College, one taking a BTEC at Harlow College and one studying A levels at Saffron Walden High School.
We currently have places available in a number of year groups and, if you are interested in learning more about what we can offer, come along and see us in action. Make an appointment and two of our senior pupils will show you around. Contact the office on 01279 871182 and arrange a tour.
On the 3rd September our first trip of the academic year took place. Year 9 headed to the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green for an informative art trip.
Looking forward we have a group heading off to a Chef School session in Harlow, a visit from our Swedish school pen friends and some special assemblies. We endeavour to update our Facebook page regularly with displays and news to share.


Art Competition Entry


This piece of work was created by Year 5 student Lark for a competition at the Aubrey Art Gallery in Dunmow.  Entitled ‘What do you think your world will look like in 500 years from now?‘, it came 12th in the competition out of many schools.

Head Girl’s Speech 2013

The following speech was given by our Head Girl at our school’s open day in September 2013.

Hello and welcome to The Christian School open day. My name is Lara Hooke and I am in year 11.
I joined this school in the juniors in year four. I changed school because we – my family and I – felt as though the other school didn’t understand me at all. I found it hard to interact with the teachers and it felt as though they didn’t accept me for who I was.

From the day I started at this school, a change I noticed immediately was the way that the teachers treated me. They made me feel special. They made me feel part of the school. They put so much effort into finding ways for me to be successful.

The one to one teaching opportunities that come with smaller classes help every pupil to achieve the best that they can, and the teachers are all very special and committed people as well.

And because of this school I know that I have changed and grown. When I first came to this school, I didn’t have any self-confidence. I never dreamed that I would be standing here representing the school as head girl. And all those years ago I was so painfully shy that I don’t think I would have wanted to.

Because I have a personal relationship with the teachers and pupils, even those in a different year to me, the school feels like one big family where everyone knows and respects each other. I have become good friends with pupils of all ages and even started up an origami club that I run for the years 5,6 and 7.

Pupils have fantastic opportunities to go on exciting trips to places like Buckingham Palace, Shakespeare’s globe theatre and museums, and sometimes the senior pupils even go further like to Spain and France.

Towards the end of the year the years 6 to 10 go away for a week. For the last two years they have stayed on a boat in Chichester with the Christian Youth Enterprise. When I was in year 10 I was reluctant to go because I had not been away from home for so long, but with encouragement from all the teachers – they are always very encouraging and positive – I ended up going and had an amazing time, while learning new activities, and building great relationships with the teachers, pupils and parents that went.

I would have loved to go this year as well but it was work experience time. We are very lucky at TCST and are helped in finding places that support what we want to do for careers where possible. I was very fortunate that the school found a work experience place in a primary school for me – I want to be a teacher when I leave university, and that was a wonderful experience too.

Over the last almost 8 years, I have had so much more fun than I thought I could have at school, learned so many things I don’t think I could have learned in any other environment (like compassion – what compassion feels like, and how to be compassionate),  and made friends among the pupils and teachers who I will remember with love forever. And if I could, I would do it all again tomorrow!

Thank you I hope you have enjoyed coming to the open day and hope to see you again.