Media Studies Jan/Feb 2017

This term the yr 6-8 have been studying Comic Strips and Cartoons as part of Media Studies. Their final task was to create a cartoon/comic strip based on a story given to them. They were required to use the skills they had learnt over the half term to design a Their version of comic. Some worked in pairs and some individually.

Head Girl’s speech November 2015

Good morning!

Welcome to The Christian School (Takeley).  I am Nadia, the Head Girl and I would like to talk to you about my experience in this unique school.

My time here has been amazing.  The experiences that I have had are second to none.  The school has provided me with so many opportunities; which I will share with you today.

I actually looked round on one of these Open Days and two of my peers now showed me round; never would I have dreamed that I would be standing up here right now, in front of you as Head Girl.

I was home educated right up until Year Seven, when I came here.

I remember being really nervous because the only thing I knew about school was what I had been told by a friend – who I still know today.  I was really nervous as I thought “are they going to judge me if I don’t look a certain way or if I’m not cool”?  I had those butterflies going round in my stomach.

When I walked in, all I remember was the sense of pure acceptance.  How people actually cared about me.  I knew from that moment I had to go to this school and this was furthermore cemented when I had a trial day.  Then the excitement came – my first paid of school shoes, my first everything!

Now, what do you get when you come to this school?

You get small class sizes where you get individual attention and don’t feel scared to put your hand up.  They care about you as a whole person not just making sure you fit a mould.  There is no mould to fit; well there is but there are currently 57 different moulds – one for each student.  Everyone is treated as an individual.

You go from one family at home to another at school.  We look after the little ones so the family feel and warmth is amazing.  You’re not forced to be a certain way or do a certain thing, you make friends for life.  I have made friends that I will never forget and the experiences that I have had have just been incredible.

And by the end, when I have left this school, I know that I will be ready.  They will have prepared me and I will have come out with the best grades that I can.  Not the best grades anyone else in my class can but the ones I can get.  I will be ready to venture into the big wide world and whatever happens I know I will always have a home here and be welcome here.

Finally, I just wanted to quote a parent of a fellow pupil who said this to me – “they just encourage you to spread your wings and fly” and that is exactly what all of us Year 11s will be doing at the end of this year.  It is “a school like no other”.

Thank you very much.  I know that you will be very happy here.

Family Week 2015

At the end of the summer term each year at TCST we have Family Week. This is a whole week of trips and activities where the whole family can join in. Parents and siblings often join the teachers and pupils. At the end of the 2014/15 year the students enjoyed lots of activities such as high ropes at Great Notley Country Park, fruit picking at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm, trying out tennis, the youngest pupils visited a splash park and the whole school enjoyed a day at Hatfield Forest where we held a den building competition and many pupils made the journey from the school in a convoy of bikes. Here are some of the dens…

20150709_121922 20150709_122439

Esteemed Bulgarian Artist visits

Sample of Professor Kassapian workOn Thursday 18th June we were inspired by an artist, Professor Krikor Kassapian of Bulgaria.

Professor Kassapian specialises in dry point; he showed us some of his work and the process involved in creating it. The same process was used by Rembrandt in the 15th century.

Some of Professor Kassapian’s work is owned by the Victoria and Albert museum.

Thank you to Mr Simeonov for accompanying Professor Kassapian and for arranging the visit.

Year 10 Art Students.

Y10 Collaborative Art Piece

The brief for this piece of work was simply to have the experience of working with others to produce a piece of art.  The only boundaries given were the size of the work and the medium was primarily paint and that pupils would work for about ten minutes before moving on to a different section.  Overall pupils found the experience liberating and negative thoughts about the work being too ‘messy’ became positive once they were very involved with the process.  They also experienced having other pupils add to their designs, and we discussed how this felt and also how it felt for their work to be ‘owned’ by all of them.  Here is what pupils said of their experience:

Khai: I don’t normally do messy art.  I wasn’t expecting to like it.  I ended up enjoying it!

Nadia: I enjoyed the experience.  It wasn’t what I expected it to be.

Bethan: I thought it would be really fun and it was!  You could be messy and do whatever you liked.

Thomas: I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it but working as a team and seeing the final result changed that.

Kate: I didn’t enjoy it at first.  But then I got into it and enjoyed it.

Head Boy’s Speech

I am Nathan, I am in year 11 and have been at the school for about 10 years. When I was asked to do this speech, I started look back at my time here at school. It is full of wonderful memories, friendship and learning. It has been a journey which has had a hiccup here and there, yet I have loved it all. It has developed me it to the young man who stands in front of you today. The same young man that five years ago probably would not be caught dead up here. The school is like a second home that has been a wonderful, loving environment to grow up in. I have reflected on two areas at my time at the school and how it has influenced me:

Firstly Who I am

  • Freedom with structure

At school there are many opportunities to do things, but there is a limit especially in sport. So the school supports you in all that you do inside and out. For example, Kai, a year 10, runs at national level. So school makes sure she can go to events but also that the work is still done. I am into photography, so school lets me take photos at school events.

  • Responsibility

Not just with the work, but every day school life. Jobs, school council, events, looking out for each other. Everyone throughout the school is given responsibility, both for themselves and for others. Whether helping at events, clean up team or looking after each other.

  • Work ethic

It is something we all have, but at school it is something you develop. You come out of school with the ability to get work done, homework in on time and to self-study, which is something rare. While looking at 6th Forms, when asked about which school I go to I say the Christian School Takeley. They know that each students from here has the ability needed to work hard and succeed in higher education.

  • Support

I am dyslexic and it is been something school and I have worked on. I have become more confident in my writing and have had opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have had, if at another school. As a dyslexic, I wouldn’t have normally had a chance to study Spanish but at school I have and I am hoping to get a B grade. Due to the support and the extra mile teachers go to at this school there isn’t just one lesson plan; there are more like 7 lesson plans, 1 for each child, because the teachers set goals and work with the students, work is tailored to them.

Secondly, Family

  • We all have one, outside of school.
  • At TCST we have two; you know everyone’s name, even the teacher’s first names. You know what everyone is up to, how they are. If there is a problem then you try to help them.
  • Caring

Everyone looks out for each other, cares and welcomes in new people. I remember talking to someone that had been at the school a couple of weeks and they said it felt like they had been here forever. Also, if some is upset you check they are ok and help them if they want help.

  • Even when we don’t get on we still look out for each other:

Like every family you have rough patches with someone, but you still get on. If there is an issue it isn’t swept under the carpet but instead sorted out. You may not like someone but you still get on and work with them.

  • Forever

I have made friendships that will last for ever. As the school is so close and tight knit, it feels like you have two families and have friendship that last forever.

I know that your children will enjoy their time here as much as I have, in a place that is like a second home and second family. I will say just one last thing from Steve jobs “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” I have found it here, will you?