Head Girl Speech 2018


Hi, my name is Rachel, and I have been a student at this school for at least ten years.

I used to be a very shy person with school simply flashing before my eyes. But now I can clearly see the good the school does.

This school is quite small and for me that’s just what I need. GCSEs are not a walk in the park, but with thanks to the teachers I am never lacking a challenge to improve in my subjects and test my knowledge. And you don’t fade into the background, this meant I could build really helpful connections with the teachers so I can get the support I need in lessons so that I do not become overwhelmed.

The teacher’s advice has been invaluable during assemblies and on an individual level.

Altogether this meant I could get to where I am today, speaking in public and believing that it is possible to reach the grades I need.

Provisional GCSE Results for June 2017

For those of you who like to know, here is a summary of the highlights of our provisional GCSE results. Provisionally 80% of our pupils attained C to A* (Levels 4 to 9).

We had 5 pupils sitting. 100% of the pupils scored level 5 (good pass top end C and bottom end B) and above in Maths and also in either English Language or Literature. In Science 86% of the results were C and above and 57% A and above. Overall 39.6% of all the results were As (level 7) and above.

We are very pleased with everyone’s results. Some overcame struggles but pushed through. One amazed us all and achieved 8 A*s including our first level 9 in Mathematics.

These are the first results to include the new level systems and more demanding syllabuses. We have to thank the teachers for navigating these changes and the parents for supporting their children at this time. Our hope and prayers are the pupils will take everything else they have learned at the school and be a blessing to the schools and colleges they go on to now. Everyone got their places.

Media Studies Jan/Feb 2017

This term the yr 6-8 have been studying Comic Strips and Cartoons as part of Media Studies. Their final task was to create a cartoon/comic strip based on a story given to them. They were required to use the skills they had learnt over the half term to design a Their version of comic. Some worked in pairs and some individually.

November Nature Walk


A week of wild weather gave us a fresh and sunny day for our November Nature Walk!


We set of down the Flitch Way towards Hatfield Forest and made our way back past the airport balance pools. The Flitch Way runs along an old railway line.

What did we learn! We saw the winter crops in the fields and spotted Old Man’s Beard. We also compared the smoothness of Ash bark to that of Oak. Oak trees line the old railway line. For those new to the walk we looked at the Stane Street Halt.

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We talked in detail about sewage, saw the processing plants and wondered at the clarity of the water in the old faithful Pincey Brook.


Assembly on responsibility and the school discipline system

It’s important that we keep our vision of what we are as a school before us. It’s Resurrection Sunday this coming weekend and we pause to reflect on injustice, within the context of how the school works when things go wrong.

The scripture used is Luke 6:31-34 from the Message version.

Head’s Log January 2016

The start of the new-year is the middle of the year for schools. Our pupils have sat their mock exams and are heading very quickly towards their final exams. These are crucial months for our young people and they need as much support as we can give them.

Being a very small Christian School in not so rural Essex means we live with being unusual. Indeed we have been subject, as other school have, to a raft of changes and new requirements. As we pick through the minutia of new initiatives and find ourselves being the bulwark of government remedies to society’s problems, we also remember that we have the privilege of working with children; being part of their lives, having fun and creating memories. I hope there is still room for us odd balls in this task.

Our open day has been and gone and we would still love to meet new families who would like to join our wonderful community and participate in our enterprise to educate children. We have a new sign but it is surprising how people still don’t know we are here.

We are a school educating children from 3 to 16. Our nursery is small and accepts nursery vouchers. It is part of a wider school where children study the full curriculum up to GCSE. Our foundation is the community which is gathered around the Christian ethos and values of the school leaders. We are not a church school and being a Christian is not an entry requirement. We really do want to serve and bless our community through education and the nurturing of children in an inclusive, intentional Christian environment.

School Log: November 2015

This term has been a blur at the Christian School (Takeley) including yet another inspection!

We have just completed our first year of providing State Funded Nursery places and now Ofsted, through the new inspection framework, have confirmed a material change so we can now say “Boys and Girls from 3 to 16”. We don’t take 2 year olds but have government funded places for 3 and 4 year olds.

What have we been up to? Well, one of the great inspirations has been visiting the new Aerozone at the airport. The children found this fascinating and hugely engaging. Our seniors paid their annual art visit to Gainsborough House in Sudbury, another “local” attraction added to our regular visits to The Henry Moore Foundation.

There was great excitement too when some of the older pupils were able to see a matinee performance of the Lion King. Y10 and Y11 Spanish GCSE students have also returned from a trip to Spain.

Picking autumn fruits at Cammas Hall was a local trip we all got to enjoy. Coming up we will enjoy a trip to the Coca Cola Centre and a winter trip to Colchester Zoo.

Our hearts are to give as rich an experience of education as possible. Hopefully what comes across is how being a small school gives us opportunities to visit places in family sized groups where each child gains 100% from the experience.

For those of you who follow the fortunes of our local Athlete Khai, over the summer she came second at 800m for England Schools and won a place in the England Team to race against, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. She came second in this too! At the moment she is coming back from injury and has her all-important GCSEs, so this year will be a quieter year. Khai will be running for the School at NWESA with some other aspiring runners including Lila who each year excels for our area and newcomer Harry who also runs for Harlow Athletics Club.

School Log June 2015


25th invitation

The plans for our 25th Anniversary celebration and thanks giving service during the evening of the 26th June are coming together.  We are expecting a number of ex-pupils, their families and our friends in the community to join us. If you fit one of these categories let us know and you will be very welcome. There will be a show of photos to illustrate how the school has evolved, but the best thing will be being together. Everyone will be able to catch up over food and hopefully we will be able to open the mike up to some impromptu entertainment. As always with the school, the event will be understated but hugely enjoyable. At the time of writing there are five GCSE exams left this season.  We are incredibly proud of our student’s attitude and behaviour.  The fact that they thank our invigilators at the end of an exam shows what amazing young people they are.  We hope we make them proud at their Leavers Assembly and give them our very best wishes for the future. Leavers’ Assembly is an afternoon where the current year 10s plan a party to send off our Year 11s. A fun but sad time. Joshua 1:9 “…Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Elsewhere in school, we have welcomed new pupils into our Early Years Department; our Year’s 4 to 6 students visited the Essex Schools Food and Farming Day at Writtle; our Year 9 and 10 students headed into London to watch a production of Macbeth at The Rose Theatre; and our 10 Business Studies students visited Bishop’s Stortford on a fact finding research exercise involving an evaluative lunch. If you would like to know more about the education we offer, please look at the school website (www.tcst.org.uk) where you will find a prospectus and details of our admission process.  The next step would be to contact the school office on 01279 871182 to arrange a tour at a mutually convenient time.  We have limited places available for September 2015 in some of our year groups.

School Log March 2015

Our next Open Morning will be on Saturday 9th May, from 10am until 1pm.  If you are unable to wait until then; please contact our office on 01279 871182 and arrange a tour at a mutually convenient time.

Our school is distinctive for offering a nurturing Christian environment where children are encouraged to excel, from EYFS to GCSE.

We are incredibly proud of everybody in our school for their recent amazing efforts for World Book Day.  Staff and students alike dressed up as their favourite book characters.  Have you seen the pictures on our Facebook page?  Thank you to Sue, Amanda and Sue for their hard work in making the day so successful.

Early in March our Year 10 and 11 students welcomed Jeff Brazier.  Jeff gave up his time to come into school and give a career talk.  All took something positive away from the session and we thank Jeff for joining us.

At the time of writing our Year 10 students have a couple of days before they head off to the Birmingham NEC to visit this years’ Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair.  The Big Bang is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK. Everything is aimed at showing young people (primarily aged 7-19) just how many exciting and rewarding opportunities there are out there for them with the right experience and qualifications.

Lower down the school, there is a trip to the theatre in the pipeline as well as a visit to Boydells Dairy Farm.

Just around the corner our Year 11 students will be facing their GCSE exams.  No matter how busy school life gets, we will always find the time to listen and support our oldest students during this important time.

School log October 2014

SAM_4747The big news for us has been the successful reintroduction of Early Years Provision. We are now able to take a few pupils from 3+; that is the academic year they turn 4 and crucially Reception children.
Encouragements along the line have been a fantastic donation from Community Playthings Limited; our heartfelt appreciation to the Gneiting Family, who are part of the Christian community who run this very successful and ethical business. We received a wonderful real wood block set and storage unit together with three kiddie cars. Our Early Years students are enjoying them enormously. Our Early Years department has also been blessed with a grant from the Stansted Airport Passenger Community Fund. New equipment will be flying our way in time for the new half term.
Best Milk Shake

One of the spin offs of the EYFS is that we now are able to provide the pupils with subsidised milk thanks to the EU. We had a very informative afternoon for World School Milk Day on the back of this. We made moooo-staches, cow cups, learnt about the benefits of milk and ran a milkshake and smoothie taster session; banana and chocolate proved to be the most popular flavours. Being a family school we are really happy to see the older children welcoming in and helping with their new mini school mates though trying to get in on their milk!

Higher up the school continues to be eventful. We were privileged to welcome pupils from Class 6 from our “twinned” school in Nykorping Fokusskolen near Stockholm, Sweden. Again the whole school became involved and we had a very healthy shared lunch prepared by two of our mums.
On the theme of commemorating those involved in WWI our older pupils saw “Journey’s End” by R. C. Sherriff at the Rhodes Art Centre.
This year our Harvest celebrations are supporting the Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank. Calvin Horner gave a special family assembly on the work of the Food Bank. Contributions are coming in and will be delivered before you read this.
Don’t wait until our next Open Day to learn more about our school. We provide education for 3 to 16 year olds. Contact the office on 01279 871182 to arrange a tour.