Maya Project

The Juniors are studying the ancient Maya people and have had fun recreating Tikal, an ancient city in Guatemala, complete with pyramid, temple, palace and plaza for the all-important ball game, Pok-ta-Pok. If you were on the losing team, you were reputedly sacrificed to the gods! We will be taking part in a game of Pok-ta-Pok on the playground – LOSERS BEWARE!

Un Pique-nique? El picnic !

A lovely time was had by all at the annual TCST modern foreign languages picnic this Monday afternoon in Hatfield Forest. Pupils were served various French and Spanish inspired foods and drinks and enjoyed the sunshine in the Forest. This was a chance to enjoy reaching the end of the courses they had studied, some for more than 5 years, while focusing on plans for the future and plans following exams. We will miss our pupils this year, they have been a delight to teach.

Move over Henry

In the last week of school the seniors visited the Henry Moore Studio and Gardens. We took the sculptures that years 6 to 9 had made in class and photographed those in front of our starting inspiration point. What do you think?

Vikings in the Forest!

The juniors headed for the forest dressed as Vikings, complete with helmets, shields and swords. We took on Viking names (such as Felix the Vigorous and Paige the Ginger) and choreographed a full Viking Battle, stopping only when one of each pair of opponenets was ‘dead’, in true Viking style.

After refreshing ourselves with Viking bread made by Year 6, we chose individual spots in which to enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest and write poetry inspired by the nature around us. The trip made a fitting culmination to both the topic and the English we have been studying this term.

Ellie’s poem:
The Forest
The blossom breeze gently blowing against my skin
As the golden buttercups lay on the grass like a bright yellow blanket.
Grass hoppers jump up and down while the birds look for their prey.
Colourful buterflies fly over me like tiny helicopters.
The wind blowing the soft dandelion clocks.
The sky stretching out above me while the old oak chases him up.
The pond glittering while the sun gently tiptoes on top.
And us sitting on the spikey grass
But we never thought what it would be like if this was all gone.

Year 10 field trip

Year 10 had a field trip to investigate the how the river Chelmer changes along its course. We visited 4 places along the river starting near it’s source and ending with the mouth of the river where we saw the estuary. The pupils took measurements of the depth, width, sediment, valley gradient and the speed of water flow and saw how all the theory from their lessons looks in real life. We had fun paddling in the river at Dunmow, and eating ice creams at Maldon.


Infants trip to Epping Ongar Railway

The infants (Reception to year 2) enjoyed a great day out at the Epping Ongar Railway recently as part of their topic on transport and how it has changed over time. The children we able to experience how people travelled on some of the early diesel trains as well as going on an old Routemaster bus. It was interesting to hear about how people could jump on and off the bus whilst it was moving due to the open back section – everyone agreed this wasn’t very safe! They also learned about all the areas of North Weald station including the signal box and ticket hall as well as hearing about different jobs on the railway including a train guard, driver and signalman. They climbed inside the cab of a steam engine and learnt about how it works. After all the exploring around the station we were able to sit and enjoy the view as we travelled up and down the line to Epping Forest. It was a very interesting and fun day out for everyone.

Learning about coal and how it fuels steam engines

The name of this engine is Isabel which prompted a great discussion on what we would name a train if we could.

Tickets to ride!

Juniors Victorian Trip

As part of their topic on Victorians the Juniors recently visited Braintree Museum where they discovered more about life in Victorian times. They learnt about life in the mills and  did some weaving, tried plaiting corn-dolly style and discovered how washing was done. The highlight of the day was enduring a lesson in the Victorian classroom with the school ma’am and her back straightener (for those who slouched), her dunce hat and finger stocks!

Children’s Mental Health Week – 2019

The school marked Children’s Mental Health Week to raise awareness of the need to take care of our minds as well as our bodies. Parents, teachers and students of all ages got involved.

The infants were playing games to help talk about different feelings, the juniors were learning about the need for good sleep, diet and exercise for healthy minds.  The lower seniors made artistic explorations of the nature of emotions, and the upper seniors got to incorporate some building-work into their classes!  All year groups got musical to consider the affect of music on mood and some cookery students even made emoji cupcakes!

Everyone had a go at learning to stop and breath, to help focus in their classes, and also enjoyed some fun activities as “brain breaks” between lessons.

It was also great to see so many parents at the Wellbeing Workshop that week which proved very helpful in understanding anxiety and how it impacts on adults and children alike.

Additional resources can be found in the “student support” folder which you will find in the “Document Repository” on our website under the Curriculum tab.

Building Nests


In horticulture, years 3 to 5 were challenged to build a bird’ s nest. They gathered their materials and the two teams then faced many challenges as they explored the task. They considered and overcame issues such as stability, structure, lack of materials and other “birds” stealing their materials! It was great fun and they ended up respecting the ingenuity of the birds.