History Trip


Pupils from year 6-8 travelled to Battle Abbey in East Sussex on the 947th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in order to bring to life their study of the subject. Pupils had a tour of the Abbey and English Heritage staff ran 2 sessions in full costume, including dressing up individual pupils as characters in the story, where students were firstly treated to demonstrations of fighting techniques of the period. This also involved interactive discussions on what it would have been like to live at that time. Secondly we learnt about the life in the Abbey and experienced the speakers’ particular knowledge on monastic life, such as the living conditions they endured. Both parents and staff contributed to the day by driving.
This was a very enjoyable day and we feel pupils gained a lot by our trip.

Trip to Battle 14_10_2013 (7)

Spanish Trip 2013

The Gardens at the Alcazar CordobaIn March 2013 the GCSE Spanish students and Mandy, accompanied by her husband, Keith had a fantastic trip to Antequera in the South of Spain. They arrived to sun and temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius. They enjoyed a day sightseeing in Cordoba, seeing the Moorish mosque/cathedral and castle, with its beautiful manicured gardens. They went out for a typical meal to the local bar/restaurant, and tried new ingredients such as octopus, squid and other traditional Spanish foods. As they left the restaurant that evening the village community was taking part in its Holy Week celebrations and a procession was passing by, which they almost became part of!. They grappled with the language and some chatted to the locals where we were staying.

Later on in the week they visited the Torcal natural park and the Fuente de Piedra nature reserve and overall very much enjoyed the contrasting temperatures to those in the UK!

A great time was had by all.