Ofsted Inspection

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Ofsted reports that:

The school has the following strengths

  • The unique environment helps children to grow in confidence. This helps them to thrive socially and academically.

  • Pupils are safe and well cared for. Parents say the school is a ‘happy and inclusive community’.

  • Pupils make good progress. The high level of challenge helps pupils attain well.

  • Teachers have high expectations of what pupils can achieve. They plan work carefully so that it meets pupils’ needs.

  • The attendance for most groups of pupils is above the national average. Pupils who arrive with a history of low attendance show a clear improvement.

  • Children in the early years benefit from a caring and nurturing environment. They develop good habits and are well prepared for Year 1.

  • Leaders’ monitoring of teaching helps them understand where pupils learn well.

  • Staff swiftly identify pupils who need extra help.They provide valuable support to help these pupils learn more effectively.

  • Staff get on well with pupils. The strong relationships help pupils to behave well.

  • Parents receive useful information about the school. They are very positive about the difference the school makes for their children.

But… we are working hard to improve where we are deemed to be weak.

Standard Inspection December 2017

Inspection January 2018

Inspection June 2019